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We should not take economic growth as normal in the age of "oil peak" and beyond

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I think that the works of Robert Ayres (web site and his colleague Benjamin Warr are important in demostrating that economic growth is crucially dependent on growth in energy resource consumption in the current economic system.

In economic modeling, there has been efforts to express production (GDP) as a function of labor and capital, but those had very large residuals that has been considered something to do with technology. It seems that economic growth depend more on this residual than on labor and capital. Ayres and Warr examined data on energy resource consumption of the USA and Japan in the 20th Century, and found that the residual is largely explained by the amount of energy resource effectively used.

(I was introduced to the works of Ayres and Warr by the book on the oil peak by Strahan (2007). I do not buy the conspiracy theory about the Iraq war in the Chapter 1 of Strahan's book, but I like the rest.)


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