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A page for conversation in the "climate change" class in TMU, 1st semester 2020

I am going to start the class on "climate change", one of the international exchange courses of Tokyo Metropolitan University, on 14 May 2020.

Materials of the class will be shown partly at the page of my personal web site
and partly through the learning management system "kibaco" of TMU.

Unfortunately, access to "kibaco" is crowded, and interaction through it, as it was planned, may not work.

So, I open the comment section of this blog page for the students who take that course to make questions and comments about the class.

You will probably see a Japanese text "コメントを書く" under this article. It means "To write a comment", and it is like a button that you can push. Then you can write something in the box. There is a button labelled "投稿する”. It means "To submit". I am sorry I cannot provide more detailed instruction to make comments on this blog, but I hope you manage to do that.

Please note that your comment will be open to the world, so please do not post anything that should be secret. Please note also that there may be such case that your comment may not appear on the web site immediately, but after moderation.

I will probably delete comments to this article posted by anyone other than the member of the course. Exceptionally, if I think the comment is helpful for the class, I may approve the comment.